Welcome to the College of William & Mary School of Education's Project Civis wiki site. Project Civis is a federally funded middle school social studies research and demonstration project focused in particular on engaging young people who are underachieving or disengaged in their social studies classes. The word Civis has it origins in Latin and is roughly translated to "citizen" - this project is focused on using an engaging middle school curriculum to develop young people as citizens through exploring, deliberating, and challenging perspectives, stories, and evidence from the past and present.

The project is designed around four key objectives: 1) to implement, refine and extend research-based social studies curriculum units in grades 6-7, 2) to pilot test innovative talent development strategies aimed at reversing underachievement and enhancing civic awareness and involvement for at-risk students, 3) to develop and implement curriculum development models for teachers and broader school communities, 4) to conduct research on short term and longitudinal student learning and motivation gains, and the mechanisms that may help to reverse underachievement in at-risk middle school students.

Four units for the middle school US history curriculum were developed, implemented and refined between 2009-2012. Our partner schools were located in Alabama and Virginia and included high percentages of students who were eligible for free/reduced lunch, came from a historically marginalized or underrepresented group, or were english language learners.

Use the links to the left to navigate to the section you are looking for. All of the draft curriculum form the project is available for download, sharing, and use. We have also posted early research papers from the project as well as some of the research tools we have developed. If you have any problems, simply send a message to projectcivis@gmail.com. If there is information that is not posted that would be helpful, please let us know that as well.

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The project was funded by the U.S. Department of Education Jacob K. Javits Gifted and Talented Students Education Program.

Project Partners
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