Lesson Eight: The New Immigrants

Lesson Plan

Using the homework assignment from the previous lesson, students discuss reasons why immigrants left their homes
and the problems they faced upon arriving in America. Students view a series of paintings by Jacob Lawrence
depicting the Great Migration of African Americans to gain an understanding of the issues surrounding the decision
of thousands of African Americans to move to big cities. Through a simulated view of a tenement house apartment,
students sense the issues associated with overcrowded living conditions. Students develop questions suitable for an
interview with a migrant or immigrant who lived during this period in history.
Lesson 8: The New Immigrants (PDF file)

Teacher Resources:

Teacher Resource 8A: Chinese Exclusion Act (Plain English) (PDF files)
Teacher Resource 8B: Chinese Exclusion Act (Full Text)

Student Handouts:

Handout 8.1: Immigrant Vignettes (PDF files)

Lesson Websites:

"A Distant Shore" Ellis Island Videoconference Program from the National Park Service
Background information on Lawrence's art (New York Times article)
Jacob Lawrence's website

Additional Lesson Resources:

Jacob Lawrence Powerpoint (PPTX file)
More information on Chinese Immigrants: http://www.angel-island.com

Programs are broadcast live via ISDN service http://www.inmotionaame.org/migrations/landing.cfm?migration=7

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