Lesson Seven: Manifest Destiny or Hostile Takeover?

Lesson Plan

In this two-day lesson students take a historiographical look at several conflicts that occurred in the West between
American Indian tribes and the Federal Government. Student groups examine the differing historical accounts of the
same conflicts and share their findings with the class. Students also look at the impact of the Dawes Act and other
policies that impacted American Indians.
Lesson 7: Manifest Destiny or Hostile Takeover? (PDF file)

Teacher Resources:

Teacher Resource 7A: Westward the Course of Empire Mural (courtesy, Smithsonian American Art Museum) (PDF files)
Teacher Resource 7B: The Navajo
Teacher Resource 7C: U.S./American Indian Map
Teacher Resource 7D: Trans-Mississippi West Map

Student Handouts:

Handout Set 7.1: Sand Creek Massacre (PDF files)
Handout Set 7.2: Battle of Little Bighorn
Handout Set 7.3: The Nez Perce
Handout Set 7.4: Geronimo and Apache
Handout Set 7.5: Massacre at Wounded Knee
Handout 7.6: Document Analysis Guide
Handout 7.7: Presentation Guide
Handout 7.8: Western Conflict Chart

Lesson Websites:

Article with first use of the term "Manifest Destiny"
Video: "Westward the Course of Empire Takes Its Way" (YouTube)
Video: "Westward the Course of Empire Takes Its Way" (Download)

Additional Lesson Resources:

Impact of Western Migration Powerpoint (PPTX file)

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