Lesson Five: Du Bois v. Washington

Lesson Plan:

Students participate in socratic seminar discussions of excerpted versions of either Du Bois’s essay “The Talented
Tenth” or Washington’s “Atlanta Compromise Speech” in order to better understand each man’s beliefs about the best
strategy for African Americans to achieve equality at the turn of the century. Students analyze the issues, ideas, and
values in each text.
Lesson 5: DuBois v. Washington (PDF file)

Teacher Resources:

Teacher Resource 5A: Washington and DuBois Bios (PDF files)
Teacher Resource 5B: Socratic Seminar Tips

Student Handouts:

Handout 5.1: The Atlanta Compromise (PDF files)
Handout 5.1B: The Atlanta Compromise (Modified)
Handout 5.2: The Talented Tenth
Handout 5.2B: The Talented Tenth (Modified)
Handout 5.3: Washington Ticket
Handout 5.4: DuBois Ticket
Handout 5.5: Talking Heads

Lesson Websites:


Additional Lesson Resources:

Audio Recording of "The Atlanta Compromise" (MP3 files)
Audio Recording of "The Talented Tenth"

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