Lesson Three: The Emergence of Jim Crow

Lesson Plan

Students listen to first-hand narratives of African Americans who experienced Jim Crow laws. They list elements
of effective democratic citizenship and analyze ways in which Jim Crow laws and Black Codes represent restrictions
on democratic citizenship. Extension activities (Jump Jim Crow lyrics and Jim Crow Political Cartoons) are
Lesson 3: The Emergence of Jim Crow (PDF file)

Teacher Resources:

Teacher Resources 3A & 3B: Voting and Timeline Cards (PDF file)

Student Handouts:

Handouts 3.1 & 3.2: Extension Activities (PDF file)

Lesson Websites:

Jim Crow Narratives
Jim Crow History
"Jump Jim Crow" Download
"The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow" Supplemental Video
Cartoon Analysis Worksheet from National Archives

Additional Lesson Resources


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