Unit Implementation Guidelines
Project Civis is a research project through which we will evaluate the effects of challenging and engaging curriculum. Specifically, we will look at the results of student participation in the Project Civis American History units in relation to:
· Student achievement
· Student motivation
· Student self-efficacy for working on authentic problems and products
· Student development of analysis, discussion and deliberation skills

As a participating teacher you play a critical role in providing students the opportunity to experience the lessons which were developed specifically to ensure:
· Strong conceptually based content
· High levels of student engagement
· Opportunities for individual and group work in historical inquiry, discussion and deliberation, and specific problem-based activities

We will measure results of student participation through achievement tests, pre- and post-assessment for each unit, classroom observations, focus groups, and selected student products.

To maintain the integrity of the research, we ask that you use the following guidelines in working with the curriculum.
1. Administer both the pre- and post-assessments for each unit.
2. Complete all lesson activities not labeled as optional.
3. Use specific resources provided for each unit.
4. Supplement resources to enhance student learning.
5. Use textbooks as complementary resources, not primary reading requirements.
6. Keep a record of any supplemental lessons you use in conjunction with the unit.
7. Keep a record of any supplemental activities you complete in conjunction with the unit.
8. Note any optional lessons or activities you complete.
9. Note adaptations to lessons you use in recognition of student individual needs.
10. Note your use of Project Civis teaching models and strategies in other social studies units during the year.
11. Maintain the integrity of each lesson, ensuring that students participate in groups when indicated.