Lesson Four: Should Dred Scott Be Free?

Lesson Plan:

Students study the life of Dred Scott and his pursuit of freedom in the courts (U.S. Supreme Court Case Scott v. Sandford, 1854). They analyze related court case summaries and discuss how the Dred Scott case may have contributed to the Civil War. Portions of this lesson were adapted with permission from www.landmarkcases.org (StreetLaw, Inc. & the Supreme Court Historical Society)

Teacher Resources:

4A: Key Excerpts from majority and dissenting opinions.

This document is a truncated version developed with permission from www.landmarkcases.org (StreetLaw, Inc. & the Supreme Court Historical Society). The original longer version can be accessed at:
Key Excerpts from the Majority Decision Original:
Key Excerpts from the Dissenting Opinion Original:

4B: How the case worked through the court system (from www.landmarkcases.org)



4.1, 4.2, and 4.3: Dred Scott v. Sandford (1857) Background Summary and Questions by length and reading difficulty.

4.1 Least Difficult

4.2 Moderate

4.3 Most Difficult

Lesson Resources:

Street Law's page of teaching resources on this case

YouTube Video on the Missouri Compromise

Map of the United States at the Time of the Missouri Compromise

Editorials for the Optional Assignment

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