Lesson Two: How Did Economic Issues Lead to Civil War?

Lesson Plan:

Students analyze differing conditions in the North and South related to income sources and labor forces through an inquiry lesson involving map and data interpretation.

2A: Map: Slave Population of the Southern States of the U.S.

2B: Map: 1860 Immigrant Population

2C: Map: Industry / Agriculture / Production

Map used is copyrighted and can be found:
Industry & Agriculture in the North & South Map,1860

An alternative map to use:
Value of Manufactures in 1860
Agricultural Staples, 1860

2D: Graph: Imports and Exports

2E: Chart: Tariff Trouble

Lesson Resources:

Scholastic's interactive map: //Compare Two Worlds: North vs. South 1861//
This map would be ideal for use as a supplement to this lesson. Teachers could choose to project this map on a screen or send students to visit the website and follow the links themselves.

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