Lesson Eleven: What Was Daily Life Like During the Civil War?

Lesson Plan:

Students select exhibits from a classroom “museum” of life during the Civil War in order to investigate aspects of life for soldiers, women, and freed Blacks in the South in order to develop empathy and perspective recognition. Students analyze historical evidence and record important points.

Teacher Resources:

PowerPoint slide show

11A: Supplementary Questions for Student Centers


11.1 Display 1 Evidence: Camp Life

11.2 Display 2 Evidence: Women in the War

11.3 Display 3 Evidence: Daily Life

11.4 Display 4 Evidence: Technology: Weaponry and Railroads

11.5 Display 5 Evidence: Technology: Submarines and Hot Air Balloons

11.6 Display 6 Evidence: Music Tells the Story and Music CD Songs of the Civil War

11.7: Display 7 Evidence: Life of the Freedmen

Excerpts from National Park Service -

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