Lesson Five: Individuals and Organizations Force Change

Lesson Plan:

Students participate in a jigsaw in which they analyze historical documents related to the Montgomery Bus Boycott, answer questions about them, and share their findings with their classmates. They also examine the concept of democratic citizenship in the context of the people involved in the Bus Boycott. This activity is based on one found on the Teaching Tolerance website. All documents and questions used in this lesson can be found here: http://www.tolerance.org/activity/ bus-boycott-historical-documents- highlig (also linked below).
Lesson 5: Individuals and Organizations Force Change (PDF)

Teacher Resources:

Teacher Resource 5.A: Concept Formation Graphic Organizer (PDF)

Student Handouts:

The questions and documents used for this lesson are available from Teaching Tolerance at:
http://www.tolerance.org/activity/ bus-boycott-historical-documents- highlig
Below we list our handout numbers for the lesson correlated with the Activity number from the Teaching Tolerance site. You may want to copy and paste the questions from the site into a guiding question sheet for the student groups to use while they analyze the primary documents.

5.1: Montgomery City Code Document and Questions = Activity 2
5.2: Negroes' Boycott Cripples Bus Lines and Questions = Activity 4
5.3: Negro Minister Convicted of Directing Bus Boycott and Questions = Activity 6
5.4: Bus Boycott Conference Fails to Find a Solution and Questions = Activity 3
5.5: Negroes' Most Urgent Needs and Questions = Activity 5
5.6: Integrated Bus Suggestions and Questions = Activity 8
5.7: Bus Integration in Alabama Calm and Questions = Activity 9

Lesson Websites:

Rosa Parks Interview: http://www.achievement.org/autodoc/page/par0int-1

Additional Lesson Resources:

Documents and questions from the lesson: http://www.tolerance.org/activity/bus-boycott-historical-documents-highlig

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