Lesson Four: Structured Academic Controversy: Evaluating the Impact of Brown v. Board

Lesson Plan:

Students engage in a Structured Academic Controversy (SAC) around the following question: Was Brown v. Board successful?
Lesson 4: Brown v. Board SAC (PDF)

Teacher Resources:

Teacher Resource 4.A: Brown v. Board-Timeline of School Integration (PDF)

Student Handouts:

4.1: Round One Yes article from the New York Times (links to New York Times site - may need to subscribe to free account to access)
4.2: Round One No article from Teaching Tolerance (PDF)
4.3: Round Two Yes data sheet (PDF)
4.4: Round Two No data sheet (PDF)

Lesson Websites:


Additional Lesson Resources:

Documents and questions for homework (also available as Student Handouts 5.1-5.7): http://www.tolerance.org/activity/bus-boycott-historical-documents-highlig

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