Lesson Two: The NAACP's Legal Challenge to Segregated Schools

Lesson Plan:

Students examine political cartoons as historical evidence. They work in groups to examine different ruling in court cases prior to Brown v. Board. The lesson concludes with a class discussion of the Brown v. Board Supreme Court decision.
Lesson 2: NAACP's Legal Challenge (PDF)

Teacher Resources:


Student Handouts:

2.1: The Road to Brown v Board of Education (PDF)
2.2: Prince Edward County, VA (PDF)
2.3: Claymont and Hockessin, DE (PDF)
2.4: Clarendon County, SC (PDF)
2.5: Washington, DC (PDF)
2.6: Topeka, KS (PDF)
2.7: Note Taking Chart (PDF)
2.8: Key Excerpts from the Majority Opinon, Brown I (PDF)
2.9: Key Excerpts from the Majority Opinion, Brown II (PDF)

Lesson Websites:

Political cartoons: http://www.streetlaw.org//en/Page.Landmark.Brown.act.cartoon.aspx
Links for additional information: http://www.streetlaw.org//en/Case.6.aspx

Additional Lesson Resources:

More information on political cartoon analysis: http://www.loc.gov/teachers/classroommaterials/presentationsandactivities/activities/political-cartoon/index.html
Street Law's Landmark Cases: http://www.landmarkcases.org

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